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Real-time Web Client


The following pages will be used to document the RPI Web Client configuration and use cases.

This RPI Web Client documentation does not include information related to setting up or configuring Realtime. That is an expected prerequisite for this documentation.

The rpiWebClient is a client-to-server implementation, so it requires the Realtime APIs to be publicly accessible and not managed by firewall rules, VPNs or whitelisting.

The rpiwebclient JavaScript file and documentation are located in the RPI deployment files in the InteractionRealtimeAPI/rpiwebclient folder.

RPI Web Client location

The rpiWebClient-<V.V>.js files are located in this directory as well as rpiWebClient.config.js and the associated documentation subfolder (<V.V> represents the version of the web client). All of the previous and current versions are stored in this directory so that all versions are available for reference.

RPI Web Client and documentation

Below is a zip file of the client from the RPI version 6.6.2 deployment files.

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