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Redpoint CDP workflows

There are multiple ways you can define segments, build an audience, and do data extraction:

  • Linear workflow (straight from beginning to end):

    1. Define one or more segments.

    2. Define one or more audiences.

    3. Define one or more activations.

  • Non-linear workflow, for example:

    1. Navigate to the Data Activation Overview page and click Enable Activation, which displays the Activation workflow.

    2. On the Add Target Audience page, you realize the audience you want to select doesn’t exist yet.

    3. This page offers a Create New Audience link, so you click it and create an audience.

    4. When you are finished creating that audience, the Activation workflow displays the Add Target Audience page, with the audience you've just created added to the Target Audience list.

    5. You continue defining your data extract on the Activation workflow.

  • Individually, in isolation:

    1. Jump directly to the activity you want.

    2. When you’re done with this activity, choose how to proceed next by selecting an option from the Finish button drop-down menu.

To summarize, you can do segmentation, audience-building, and activation in the order that works best for you.

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