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AO Name Genderize

Advanced Object (AO) Name Genderize analyzes input names and outputs a GENDER field. It accepts a single stream as input and produces one output. You may optionally specify an additional lookup table.

AO Name Genderize configuration parameters

AO Name Genderize has a single set of configuration parameters in addition to the standard execution options:



Optional. Prefix such as Mr or Mrs (Mr John Abel Smith Jr). Default: Blank.

First name

Required. Given name (John Abel Smith Jr). Default: Blank.

Mid name

Optional. Middle name (John Abel Smith Jr). Default: Blank.


Optional. Generation name (John Abel Smith Jr). Default: Blank.



Field to contain value (M/F) indicating assigned gender. Default: GENDER.


Genderize name before suffix

By default, gender is assigned by analyzing data in this order: Suffix, First name, Middle name. Select this option to change the order to First name, Middle name, Suffix. Default: No.

Optional gender table

You may specify an optional parsing/gender data source. This is a table in DLD format containing three columns: TOKEN, SYMBOL, and GENDER.

Configure AO Name Genderize

  1. Select AO Name Genderize, and then go to the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. Specify Input: Select First name and select the field containing given names. You may optionally also specify Prefix, Mid name, and Suffix input fields.

  3. Specify an output field name for Gender or accept the default GENDER.

  4. Optionally, select Genderize name before suffix to analyze first name and middle name fields before suffix.

  5. Optionally specify an additional Parsing table. See adding a parsing/gender data source.

  6. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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