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AO SSN Validate

Advanced Object (AO) SSN Validate parses and validates a field containing a Social Security Number (SSN). It will output it into its components and validate it by pattern as well as by data. This data is updated monthly from the Social Security Administration.

 Note that this macro cannot validate the last four digits, determine whether a particular SSN was issued, nor determine if an SSN is for a particular individual.

AO SSN Validate accepts a single stream as input and the following output fields:

  • ValidPattern: Field to contain value (T/F) indicating a field has a valid SSN pattern.

  • AREA: Field to contain sequence for SSN 123-45-1234.

  • Group: Field to contain sequence for SSN 123-45-1234.

  • Sequence: Field to contain sequence for SSN 123-45-1234.

  • Valid SSN Flag: Field to contain flag for validity check on SSN. Values for SSN flag are:

    • Z—Invalid Sequence

    • Y—Valid (Not necessarily assigned Sequence)

    • O—Invalid Area

    • G—Unassigned Group

    • P—Not a SSN pattern

AO SSN Validate configuration parameters

AO SSN Validate has a single configuration parameter in addition to the standard execution options:

Input SSN

Field containing Social Security Number (SSN). Default: Blank.

Configure AO SSN Validate

  1. Select AO SSN Validate, and then go to the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. Select Input SSN and select the field containing Social Security numbers.

  3. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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