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Character Filter

The Character Filter macro lets you filter the data stream to selectively remove or retain defined character sets, including:

  • ASCII (letters, digits, printable, whitespace, uppercase, lowercase, punctuation).

  • Unicode (letters, numeric symbols, non-printable, whitespace, punctuation, symbols).

  • Hexadecimal digits.

Character Filter macro configuration parameters

The Character Filter macro has a single set of configuration parameters:


Operation to perform on data stream, either Remove or Keep only. Default: Remove.


Characters to remove or keep. You may select up to three sets. Default: None.

Replace removed with

Optional. Replace removed characters with selected character, either Nothing, ?, or Space. Default: Blank.

Process all fields

If selected, process all input fields in data stream. Default: Yes.

Field 1...10

If Process all fields is off, input fields to be processed. Default: Yes.

Configure the Character Filter macro

  1. Select the Character Filter icon, and then select the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. Select Operation, and select whether to Remove or Keep only specified characters.

  3. Select Characters, and select the desired character set to keep or remove. You may specify up to three character sets.


  4. Optionally, select Replace removed with and select a character with which to replace removed characters: Nothing, ? or Space

  5. Select Process all fields to filter the entire data stream, or clear Process all fields and select Field 1...10 to specify one or more fields to be filtered.

  6. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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