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Read a sequence of input files

You can process multiple input files with a single input tool, provided the files have the same layout and format, and have names and pathnames that can be specified using Windows/DOS wildcard syntax. The files are treated as a single table, and read sequentially, in alphabetical file name order.

To specify a sequence of input files:

  1. Configure the input tool in the usual fashion, specifying a single input file from the desired sequence of files.

  2. Once the input tool is correctly configured, edit the Input file specification, using wildcard characters to specify the desired file sequence:




* (asterisk)

Any number of characters in the same position as the asterisk.

MyData_*.dbf matches
MyData_1.dbf and

? (question mark)

Any single character in the same position as the question mark.

MyData_?.dbf matches
MyData_1.dbf but not MyData_12.dbf.

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