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Using ECPs in RPI

This topic provides information about using External Content Providers (ECPs) in Redpoint Interaction (RPI).

  1. Within RPI, click on the options menu and navigate to Orchestration > Interactions > Create New Interaction. This will bring up a blank interaction, which will execute a previously designed audience.

  2. Name the New Interaction appropriately.

  3. There are 3 elements required in an interaction to successfully send an outbound message.

    • Workflow Control: Example uses a Manual Control.

    • Targeting Block: Example uses a Batch, which will use a previously configured audience.

    • Fulfillment Block: Example uses an Export and will be where the proper ECP will be selected.

  4. Within the Export block, you need to assign the following which was previously configured.

    • Export Template

    • Location Type

    • External Content Provider

  5. Click Done.

  6. Once these steps are complete, you can now send messages from RPI through to the configured External Content Provider.

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