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Sources page

The Sources page displays all of the sources in the CDP, along with information about each source. You can think of a source as a way to group and categorize feeds (a source system).


For a given source, this page lets you:

  • View information about the sources, including...

    • When the latest feed was run

    • The source status

    • The source description

    • The priority assigned to the source

    • The number of feeds in the source

  • Edit the source

  • View the source's feeds.

  • Pause or resume it (which also pauses or resumes any downstream feeds).

  • Enable or disable it (which also enables or disables any downstream feeds).

The Feeds value is updated as feeds are assigned to the source.

This page also lets you add a new source.

  1. Click the Add New Source button.

  2. Choose a Source Name. This name should describe your data source in some way (for example, Transactions).

  3. Optionally add a Description.

  4. Enter a Display Priority.


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