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Welcome to Redpoint CDP!

About Redpoint CDP

Redpoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a centralized solution to unify customer data from various sources and channels to build actionable insights, engage with customers, drive higher revenue, and lower interaction costs.

Our CDP is the foundation for great customer experience across all customer journeys – marketing, service, and support. To engage with customers, marketers must capture and use all relevant data, derive the insights to understand customer journeys and intent, and activate segments and audiences to engage with customers across every channel. Redpoint CDP empowers marketers to orchestrate large volumes of customer data in a way that drives revenue while meeting their enterprises’ unique requirements.

For more information about Redpoint CDP and other Redpoint offerings, please visit Redpoint’s website.

About Redpoint CDP documentation

Redpoint CDP documentation includes the following content:

  • Release notes: Details the specifics of each Redpoint CDP release.

  • User guide: Provides information about using the Redpoint CDP platform.

  • Best practices: Provides guidance and detailed information for using Redpoint CDP, including onboarding and configuration information.

Documentation feedback

We’re continuously improving our documentation, and your feedback will help us to prioritize what’s important to you. Click the Feedback button at the bottom-right of the page or email us at

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