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Release notes

This page provides detailed information about Redpoint CDP releases.

Release 2024.05.2

Available May 2024


  • Added the ability to create a new segment using SQL (Compose SQL Segment). Allowing custom SQL opens up the segment build process to effectively solve any segment criteria needed.

  • Added additional date information (Date Created and Date Modified) to the Activity Log on the Home page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various internally-reported issues.

Release 2024.05.1

Available May 2024


  • Added a new Home page that provides data insights, an activity log, and links to recently used segments, audiences, and activations.

  • Added insights to the segment builder to help you make more informed decisions as you construct your segments.

  • Modified the audience builder workflow to allow you to choose a step in the workflow, enabling you to skip over optional steps (or go back to a specific step).

  • Added the ability select multiple delivery methods for an activation, with either an entire audience or individual splits pointed to one or more destinations each. This allows you to create an activation that pushes to multiple destinations at once to ensure consistent messaging and targeting, and can also help with downstream analytics (for example, if a customer is targeted both via email and SMS in a given campaign, but responds only to email, that may indicate a stronger preference for that delivery method).

  • Added the ability to view a data extract template when activating your audience. This allows you to review the associated attributes and options.

  • For recurring activations, added the ability to exclude previous recipients. This is useful for recurring campaigns or activations that should only target a given customer record once, such as a Welcome campaign. In other instance, a customer could be selected many times, such as for a weekly newsletter.

Onboarding enhancements

The enhancements detailed in this section are related to onboarding to Redpoint CDP.

  • Feed Layout (FL) enhancements:

    • All FLs will successfully validate if you populate required fields. All other fields are optional. For example, if you are using only two extension columns in an Extension FL, you only need the key fields and the two name-value pairs you are using.

    • CustomerAccount FL, LoyaltyAccount FL, and NonLoyaltyAcount FL have been combined into Account FL.

    • The Transaction FL has been broken out into TransactionHeader FL and TransactionDetail FL. You no longer need to include transaction header data on each detail record. Additionally, all match fields have been removed from the TransactionHeader FL. This means all customer PII is loaded using the PartyProfile FL. Transaction header records reference party profile records using the source_party_profile_id field. Ship-to fields are still available on the TransactionHeader FL.

    • The Insight FL has been split into InsightModel FL and InsightModelScore FL. You no longer need to repeat the model data for each score record.

    • Transaction FL and Insight FL have been deprecated, but still exist to allow time for transitioning to the new FLs.

  • There is a new Individual Business Unit Email Summary agg. This is the same as as the existing Email Summary agg, but grouped by Individual Business Unit (BU) ID plus the Email Address.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various internally-reported issues.

Release 2024.05.0

Available May 2024


  • Added the ability to clone (Copy / Duplicate) a segment, audience, or activation. This allows you to update the copy and save it as new, streamlining your audience- and activation-building experience.

  • Updated the user interface for naming a new segment, audience, and activation so that you can name your new item at any point in the creation workflow, providing a simplified user experience.

  • Added the ability to search attributes when you’re building a segment to make it easier to find the specific attribute that you need.

  • Added segment groups (“and/or” logic) to allow you to fine-tune your segment criteria as you’re building a segment.

  • Added the ability to include one or more segments in a segment (nested segments). This provides more flexibility when creating your segments and audiences.

  • Updated Redpoint CDP branding and logos in the user interface and documentation.

Release 2024.02.0

Available February 2024


  • Enhanced Preview & Finalize activation screen.

Release 2024.01.0

Available January 2024


  • Activation instance history.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved activation status UI bug with Next button.

Release 2023.12.0

Available December 2023


  • Support for recurring activations.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved issue with activating multi-split audiences.

  • Resolved issue with activation frequency value not displaying.

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