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AO Cross-Source Match Report

The Advanced Object (AO) Cross-Source Match Report macro accepts an input containing two columns — Source, and Match ID or Group ID — and produces a CSV-formatted crosstab output file where each element contains the number of cross-source matches.

AO Cross-Source Match Report configuration parameters

AO Cross-Source Match Report has a single set of configuration parameters:



Required. The source name, typically assigned using AO Define Source. This is used to determine how many sources are involved in a match group. Note that shorter source name strings are more easily readable in the crosstab output. Default: Blank

 Match ID

Required. The Match ID (or Group ID) generated by a matching process. This defines the match groups. Default: Blank.

Count internal matches

Select if matches within the same source should be counted. Default: Yes.


Results output filename

The file to which the crosstab report is written. Default: \MatchCrossSourceReport.csv.

Configure AO Cross-Source Match Report

  1. Select the AO Combined Match Report icon, and then select the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. Select Source and select the source name, typically assigned using an upstream AO Define Source macro.

  3. Select Match ID and select the field containing the match ID generated by the upstream matching process.

  4. Optionally, clear Count internal matches if  matches within the same source should not be counted.

  5. Optionally, select Results output filename and specify a name and location to write the report.

  6. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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