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AO Define Source


AO Define Source accepts a single input stream, and outputs the stream with a user-defined priority field and (optionally) source name field, dedupe flag, and suppression flag appended. One or more AO Define Source macros are typically used at the beginning of a matching process to prioritize one record source over another. Unless you specify an Optional filter, all records from the input source will have the same values appended. To tag a subset of these records, select an Input field and specify a matching Value. Matching records will be assigned the defined output fields and values.

AO Define Source configuration parameters

AO Define Source has a single set of configuration parameters:

Optional filter



Input field

Optional. Field containing Values to be matched. Records where this field contains the specified Value will be tagged. Default: Blank.


Optional. String used to select records for tagging. Records whose Input field matches this value will have output values appended. Default: Blank.

Match blanks

If selected, treats records that contain a null or blank Input field as if they matched Value. Default: No.

Case sensitive

If selected, the comparison of Value to Input field is case-sensitive. Default: Yes.




Set source name

Optional. User-defined name to assign to output records. Default: Blank.

Source name field

Optional. Field to store source name value. Cannot be the same field as Input field. Default: SOURCE_NAME.

Set priority

User-defined match priority to assign to output records. A value of one (1) has the highest priority; 999 is the lowest priority. Used in determining master record and selecting values for compiling master record. Default: 1.

Priority field

Field to store match priority value. Default: PRIORITY.

Set internal dedupe flag

If selected, sets the internal dedupe output field value to "Y", otherwise sets it to "N". Default: Yes.

Internal dedupe field

Optional. Field to store internal dedupe flag value. If set to "Y" this indicates that the source should be internally deduped. Default: INTERNAL.

Set suppression source flag

If selected, set the suppression source output field to "Y", otherwise sets it to "N", for records matching the source code value. Default: No.

Suppression source field

Optional. Field to store the suppression source flag value. If set to "Y" this indicates that the source will be used as suppression data in matching. Default: SUPPRESS.

Configure AO Define Source

To configure AO Define Source

  1. Select the AO Define Source icon, and then go to the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. To optionally process a subset of the input records, select Input field and select a field, and then specify a Value. You may select or clear Match blanks and Case sensitive to further refine record filtering.

  3. Optionally, edit output fields and options.

  4. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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