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AO Simple Crosstab

Advanced Object (AO) Simple Crosstab is a simplified interface to the Crosstab tool. With AO Simple Crosstab, you choose only vertical and horizontal field names and the output file. The format of the output report is CSV.  Row and column headers are sorted alphabetically.

AO Simple Crosstab configuration parameters

AO Simple Crosstab contains a single set of configuration parameters in addition to the standard execution options:

Column header

Required. Field used horizontally across the top of the crosstab.

Row header

Required. Field used vertically on the left of the crosstab.


Optional. Field containing already summarized counts by column/row. If not specified, a count of one is assumed for each record (for example, non-aggregated data).

Replace zero counts with blanks

Optional. Changes all counts with a value of "0" to a blank (null value).

Select output file

 The path and file name to which the report should be written.

Configure AO Simple Crosstab

  1. Select AO Simple Crosstab, and then go to the Configuration tab on the Properties pane.

  2. Select the Column header field and Row header field.

  3. Optionally, specify Count (a field containing summarized counts by column/row).

  4. Optionally, select Replace zero counts with blanks to change all counts with a value of "0" to blank (null value).

  5. Select Select output file and specify the path and file name to which the report should be written.

  6. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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