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When a loaded project is changed and not saved properly, the repository's AutoSave feature automatically saves a copy of the project to a special repository folder. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Loss of network or VPN connection.

  • Failure of a project server.

  • Failure of a client program.

  • Hibernating the client computer.

When a project is automatically saved, Data Management creates a repository item in the AutoSave folder. Projects are by organized by user name, with the auto-save entries listed for each user. Each entry consists of the project name (if the project was previously saved), followed by a number.


To view the date and time an entry was created, select the item in the repository, and then go to the Properties pane.

Restore from AutoSave

To restore a project that has been automatically saved:

  1. In the repository, open the AutoSave folder, right-click the desired entry, and then select Open on the shortcut menu.

  1. Save the project.
    Data Management opens the project and removes the selected AutoSave object from the repository.

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