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The repository

The Data Management repository is a hierarchical storage mechanism for managing Data Management objects, including Data Management projects, macros, formulas, schemas, and data files and connections. It is similar to Windows Explorer or other file systems.

The repository accesses management, security, and configuration information via the Data Management Site Server.



  • Right-click any repository object to see a list of available operations.

  • Double-click a repository object to open that object for viewing or editing.

  • Similar to Windows Explorer, multiple objects can be selected in the repository tree by pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys while clicking.

  • To move an object, select the item and then drag it to its new location in the repository.

  • To copy an object, select the item while pressing the Ctrl key and then drag it to its new location in the repository.

  • To reference a repository object in a tool or macro's configuration, right-click the object and select Copy Path, and then select the desired configuration control and paste (Ctrl + V) the path. 

Reference data files distributed in the Data Management repository are intended to support the internal macros and packages included with Data Management. These data files may change without notice.

Data Management uses a temporary directory (__Temp__) to optimize certain operations. This directory is cleared each time the Site Server starts and should only be used to store disposable repository objects.

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