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Complex Splitter


The Complex Splitter tool consumes a complex record stream and extracts one or more record types. The tool produces a residual complex stream (containing the record types that were not chosen) and one simple record stream for each of the chosen record types.

The simple streams will include the hierarchy linkage fields (__Type, __ID, __ParentID, __Sequence, and __Name) in addition to the defined fields of the record. You should keep these linkage fields intact if you want to merge the records back into a single complex stream (for example, when transforming from one complex format to another).

Use the Complex Splitter tool when you want to transform the record data. You cannot directly change the record data in its complex form. Instead, you must split the record types you want to change, operate on them independently, and then merge them using the Complex Merge tool.

A common use for the Complex Splitter is to split the FILE records and change the file name from source to destination. This is necessary when there are multiple files being processed, because you cannot rename multiple files in the output tools.

The Complex Splitter tool is also useful when mapping between completely different schemas. In this case, you would split out all of the record types, build mapping logic between the source and destination schema (altering the __Type fields and other elements as necessary), and then merge it all together prior to sorting and output.

Complex Splitter tool configuration parameters

The Complex Splitter tool has one set of configuration parameters in addition to the standard execution options:




Copy split records to complex output

If selected, copies the entire complex input stream to complex output, rather than only the record types not chosen.

Include extra fields

If selected, copies fields that are not the hierarchy linkage fields (__Type, __ID, __ParentID, __Sequence, and __Name) from input to output. This supports the carrying of information through the splitting process.


Specifies the record types to be split.

Configure the Complex Splitter tool

To configure the Complex Splitter tool:

  1. Select the Complex Splitter tool, and then go to the Configuration tab.

  2. Optionally, select Copy split records to complex output to preserve the entire complex input stream on output.

  3. Optionally, select Include extra fields to copy fields that are not the hierarchy linkage fields to the output stream.

  4. In the Type grid, select the record types to be split, or select Split all types to select all available record types.

  5. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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