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Find in Project

The Find in Project pane displays a list of all the tools in the current project. For each tool, you can view:

  • Tool Name as defined on the tool's Execution tab.

  • The tool's Status (Idle, Active, Warning, Error, or Disabled).

  • Whether the tool is a Macro (Yes or No).

  • The percentage of Completion.

  • Memory usage.

  • Temp Disk space usage.

  • Any Notes defined on the tool's Execution tab.

You can navigate the project canvas by selecting tools in the grid.

  • Use the Search box at the top of the grid to search for text in the tool Name, tool Notes, or both:

  • Select the filter icon to filter the tools displayed in the grid by Status:

  • Double-click a tool Name or Note to edit its value directly:

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