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The Loqate macro interfaces with Loqate's AddressVerify system to validate and cleanse mailing addresses.

In order to use the Loqate macro, you must have a Loqate account and key.

Loqate configuration parameters

The Loqate macro has a single set of configuration parameters in addition to the standard execution options:

Loqate Key

String containing Loqate AddressVerify license key.

Address 1-6

Input fields containing address lines.


Input field containing the most common population center data element within a country. Example: USA City, Canadian Municipality.

Administrative Area

Input field containing the most common geographic data element within a country. Example: USA State, Canadian Province.


Input field containing the postal code for a particular delivery point.


Input field containing the country name or code.


Input field containing the business or organization name.

Configure the Loqate Address Correction macro

  1. Select the Loqate macro, and then go to the Configuration tab.

  2. Enter your Loqate Key.

  3. Use the Input field mapping controls to map each address element to the correct input field:


  4. Optionally, go to the Execution tab, and then set Web service options.

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