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Welcome to RPDM!

About RPDM

Redpoint Data Management™ (RPDM) is a visual programming tool that makes it easy to create and run high-performance data-transformation projects. You select components from a palette of tools that perform different operations on your data. By configuring and connecting these tools, you create a custom data processing engine. Running your project is as simple as clicking a button.

The projects that you build using Data Management resemble a flowchart: records flow from the inputs, through tools and macros, and into the outputs. Each tool performs a simple function, such as sorting, filtering, or joining. By connecting the simple tools, you can create complex processes tailored to your specific needs.

Data Management is optimized to process an entire data set, rather than transactions or queries. As a result, it is often hundreds of times faster than transaction-oriented databases, even those running on powerful hardware.

For more information about Redpoint solutions, please visit Redpoint’s website.

About RPDM documentation

RPDM documentation includes the following content:

  • Release notes: Details the specifics of each RPDM release.

  • User guide: Provides detailed information about how to install, configure, and use RPDM.

  • SDK developer guide: Provides information for developers who want to build their own tools using the Data Management software development kit.

Documentation feedback

We’re continuously improving our documentation, and your feedback will help us to prioritize what’s important to you. Click the Feedback button at the bottom-right of the page or email us at

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