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Admin: Basic selection rule AI integration

RPI can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in the building of criteria within basic selection rules.

RPI’s usage of AI relies on Azure OpenAI and Azure Search services:

The Azure Open AI models used by RPI are:

  • OpenAI chat models gpt—35-Turbo or gpt -4

  • text-embedding-ada-002

The following are also required:

  • Azure Blob Storage account

  • Predefined Vector Search configuration: The creation of Azure AI search vector indexes to support AI selection rule building is partially automated by RPI, however, please note that in version 7.3 the creation of the vector configuration will needed to be done manually. A single vector configuration can be used by multiple indexes and will only need to be configured once. For more information, please refer to this documentation.

  • Here is a sample of the default vector algorithm configuration which is suitable for the purposes of AI rule building in RPI:

Screenshot 2024-03-19 125739.png

Note that use of Azure services in this context is subject to cost, and is determined by the selected model type as well as the complexity of a given prompt and the resulting returned attributes.  Please refer to the following for more information on pricing:

Note also that Azure OpenAI is a proprietary service of Microsoft Corporation and requires a separate license subscription directly from Microsoft Corporation to access.

The following application settings must be configured to use this feature:

  • RPI__NLP__ApiKey=[Azure OpenAI APIKey]

  • RPI__NLP__ApiBase= https://[Azure OpenAI Service Name]

  • RPI__NLP__ApiVersion=[Azure OpenAI API Version]

  • RPI__NLP__ChatGptEngine[Azure OpenAI API Chat Model Deployment]

  • RPI__NLP__ChatGptTemp=[Azure OpenAI Chat Model Temperature]

  • RPI__NLP__SearchEndpoint=https://[AI Search Service Name]

  • RPI__NLP__SearchKey=[Azure Search AI Key]

  • RPI__NLP__EmbeddingsModel=[Azure Embeddings Model Deployment]

  • RPI__NLP__Model__ModelDimensions=1536

  • RPI__NLP__Model__VectorSearchProfile=[Azure AI Search Vector Search Profile]

  • RPI__NLP__Model__VectorSearchConfig=[Azure AI Search Vector Search Config]

  • RPI__NLP__Model__ConnectionString=[Azure Storage Connection String]

  • RPI__NLP__Model__ContainerName=[Azure Storage Container Name]

  • RPI__NLP__Model__BlobFolder=[Azure Storage Blob]

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