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Admin: Scheduler rules

Scheduler rules can be applied to optionally limit the types of task that an execution service can execute. Scheduler rules are applied by updating the ExecutionFilterRules section in the execution service’s appsettings.json file, as per the following example.

"RPIExecution": {
    "ExecutionFilterRules": {
      "JobRules": [
        "Type": "Task",
        "JobNames": [ "Web events importer" ]

      "Clients": [ "7F037AD1-099E-4721-A51D-157E57C80498" ]

}JSON properties are as follows:

  • Type: as per rpi_ExecutionSchedule.Type

  • JobNames: this property can be used to further qualify Type. If Type is set to 'Task', the property can be used to specify specific task name(s), as per rpi_Tasks.TaskName. Else the value specified should be set as per rpi_ExecutionSchedule.Name.

  • Clients: as per rpi_Clients.ClientID

If scheduler rules are applied, an execution service will only be able to execute work in accordance with the specified restrictions.

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