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Content Editor - Layout Tab


This tab is only shown if the cursor placed within a rich text table, and consists of Table, Rows, Columns, Merge, Cell Size and Alignment sections.

Table Section

The Layout tab’s Table section exposes the following commands:

  • Select: invocation of this option displays a submenu that gives access to the following:

    • Select Cell

    • Select Column

    • Select Row

    • Select Table

  • Properties: this button allows you to display the Table Properties dialog box, which is documented separately.

  • Delete: invocation of this option removes the entire table without display of an ‘Are You Sure?’ dialog.

Rows Section

The Layout tab’s Rows section exposes the following commands:

  • Insert Row

  • Insert Below

  • Insert Above

  • Delete Row

Columns Section

The Layout tab’s Columns section exposes the following commands:

  • Insert Column

  • Insert Left

  • Insert Right

  • Delete Column

Merge Section

The Layout tab’s Merge section exposes a single command:

Merge Cells

Cell Size Section

The Layout tab’s Cell Size section exposes a single command:

  • AutoFit:

    • AutoFit to Window

    • Fixed Column Width

Alignment Section

The Layout tab’s Alignment section exposes the following settings, which facilitate alignment within a table:

Align Top Left: selected by default

  • Align Top Center

  • Align Top Right

  • Align Center Left

  • Align Center

  • Align Center Right

  • Align Bottom Left

  • Align Bottom Center

  • Align Bottom Right

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