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Content Panel - Text Asset


If displaying a text asset, the content panel contains a tabset, exposing two tabs:

Text Tab

The Text tab contains a content editor, which is described within the RPI Content Editor documentation.

You can customize the content displayed within a text asset through the inclusion of attributes (including web form parameter attributes, if the asset is to be used e.g. in an email offer) and smart assets that contain text content.

You can also provide localized versions of text content using the Localization section in the content editor toolbar. For more information, please see the Content Editor documentation.

Note that placeholder attributes can be used in text asset content only if exposing system variable values. For information on system variables, please see the Framework documentation.

Preview Tab

The Preview tab allows you to visualize how the text asset will be rendered. It consists of preview and parameters panels.

  • Preview panel: the contents of the text tab are shown, with any parameter values supplied included therein.

  • Region/language code: this dropdown allows you to select a localized variant to preview. The Default variant is always available; if other localized variants have been configured, you can use the dropdown to select them.

  • Parameters panel: You can specify parameter values for the attributes you have included in order to give an illustration of the asset’s final appearance. Provision of preview values is constrained by data type (string, integer, decimal or date/time).

By default, an attribute’s value is shown as [attribute name]. The preview is updated with a new parameter value immediately as you type.

By default, parameter values are specified using raw database values, rather than translated values (where they exist). You can toggle between ‘Value’ and ‘Trans’ (translation) using the button shown to the right of the parameter. If you elect to specify the parameter’s value using a translation, a dropdown, listing translated and raw values, is shown. Note, however, that when you choose a translated value, the raw value is shown in the preview; RPI only supports the output of raw database values, and not translated values.

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