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Dynamic Content Results Dialog

The Dynamic Content Results Dialog is displayed when the View Dynamic Content Results button is clicked when viewing an email offer’s Results tab.

The dialog contains the following:

  • Dynamic Content Instances section, containing in turn:

    • Toolbar, exposing the following options:

      • Search: invocation displays the Search Dynamic Content Instances dialog. Functionally it is identical to the Preview Dynamic Content dialog initiated at the Offer Designer (please see that interface’s documentation for further information).

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    • [Permutations]: each permutation as targeted by email or SMS execution is listed. Permutations are displayed as at the Preview Dynamic Content dialog initiated at the Offer Designer, with the exception that a result count is displayed in a 'bubble' style over the permutation number. A tooltip (‘Targeted count: [n]’) is shown on hovering over the result count. You can highlight a permutation to view Selected Instance Details and Values.

  • Selected Instance Details: this section displays rendered content for the currently-selected permutation.

Selected Instance Values: this section lists the currently-selected permutation's determinants' values.

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