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Edit Date/Time Attribute Dialog

This dialog is displayed on invocation of Edit (from the context menu, or the Embedded Items dialog) in the context of a date/time or date attribute. Invocation displays the Edit [Attribute Name] dialog.

The dialog contains the following:

  • Override template date format: a checkbox, unchecked by default. Checking this property displays Date format and Example output.

  • Date format: a dropdown field, exposing the following values:

    • Use custom format

    • Long date

    • Long date and long time

    • Long date and short time

    • Month day

    • Short date (default)

    • Short date and long time

    • Short date and short time

    • Short time

    • Long time

    • Sortable

    • Year month

  • [Custom format]: this property allows you to manually specify a date format. It is only displayed if Use custom format is selected. It is mandatory if shown.

  • Example output format: illustrates the selected date format using the current date and time.

  • Web content default: used to provide an optional default value for the attribute. This is used when customizing landing page content through the inclusion of an attribute in landing page content; if a realtime cache value is available for the attribute, it is shown when the page is rendered. If a value is not available and a Web content default value has been provided, the default is displayed. If neither is available, no content is rendered.

Note that, when used in an email offer, application of a date format at an attribute overrides any overall date format applied at the offer itself.

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