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RPI web events

RPI Realtime automatically records details of the following web events in a visitor’s profile:

  • Page visit

  • Link click

  • Form submission

In addition, the following states, which are also made available by default, require configuration of Realtime Plugins in order to be leveraged in the tool.

  • Recent Items:

    • Add Item

    • Clear

    • Remove Item

    • Update All Items

  • Shopping Cart:

    • Add Item

    • Clear

    • Remove Item

    • Update All Items

    • Update Quantity

For more information, please contact Redpoint Support.

You can also define any other required custom web event states and metrics in a Web Events Adapter. Having done so, call to the RPI Realtime API can be used to record state or metric values for a site visitor.

Web events adapters can be associated with a landing page to define goals for a page. Goals can be used in realtime decisions or by goal smart assets.

Web events standard and custom states and metrics can be used:

  • To trigger action within an RPI interaction workflow. For example, an interactive activity might monitor for visitors’ clicking on a specific link, and initiate action on the occurrence thereof.

  • For reporting purposes in the following contexts:

    • Interaction results

    • Realtime Tracker

    • Realtime Details

  • To make realtime decisions using a web events decision.

  • When defining goals in a goal smart asset.

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