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Smart Assets in Landing Pages


You can use smart assets in landing pages to vary the content to be shown to website visitors.

Full details on smart assets can be found in the Smart Asset Designer documentation.

Attribute and Audience Segment Smart Assets in Landing Pages

When you target a prospective website visitor with an outbound communication (typically an email) containing a link to an RPI landing page, you can include within that landing page attribute or audience segment smart asset.

The same applies when you include in a landing page an HTML asset containing a smart asset as described.

Non-realtime smart assets will only serve personalized content in the event of their being browsed via a link included in an outbound RPI communication. When a non-realtime smart asset is included in a landing page, an indicator is displayed at the Preview section to indicate that dynamic content will only be rendered when landing page navigated to via such a link.

The indicator can be removed or redisplayed using the Show/hide Information Labels over the Page Preview toggle button shown at the Preview toolbar.

When a message recipient navigates a link to a landing page, the dynamic content rendered at the page is accordant with the rules defined at the smart asset.

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