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The Export Template Designer and NoSQL Databases

The following section documents ramifications for the Export Template Designer when working in a NoSQL environment.

  • NoSQL Databases Only Mode: when running in a NoSQL-only environment, the following apply at the Export Template Designer:

    • Options tab:

      • The following properties are not shown:

        • Resolution level


  • The following property is shown:

    • NoSQL DB collection definition: this property defines the NoSQL database collection from which the export template's attributes are to be sourced, and from which data is to be extracted. The default NoSQL database collection definition is selected automatically.

  • The Export format property is set by default to JSON using Object list.

  • Attributes tab:

    • You can include parameter attributes in the export template from the following contexts:

      • The currently-selected NoSQL collection definition

        • Any nested documents from the same

        • Ditto channel Suppressions

      • Offer history Attributes

        • Except any attributes copied from the original collection definition, as defined at the NoSQL offer history definition's Attributes property.

        • States

    • Note that the Target Table property is not shown in the grid

  • Attribute Sort Options tab:

    • You can use top-level parameter attributes from the current NoSQL database collection definition only.

  • NoSQL Data Warehouse with SQL Auxiliary Databases Mode: when running against a NoSQL data warehouse with one or more SQL auxiliary databases, the following property is shown at the Export Template Designer:

    • Usage: this dropdown property defines whether the export template is to be used for SQL or NoSQL Databases. If set to NoSQL, the NoSQL DB collection definition property is displayed. If set to SQL, the Resolution level and Deduplication properties are shown instead.

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