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Using RPI Realtime


RPI Realtime functionality can be used to increase the appropriateness of content rendered within a website, through the application of rules when a page is viewed.

RPI Realtime functionality can be used in RPI landing pages.  Its functionality can also be invoked from any other web page in which required using the realtime JavaScript web client. Please note that the setup and use of the JavaScript web client is documented in a separate dedicated set of documentation, which can be downloaded alongside the web client files from the Redpoint Interaction Configuration Home page.

In addition, developers of other applications can invoke the functionality by making direct HTTP POST or GET method calls to the RPI Realtime API, meaning that invocation of RPI Realtime functionality is not limited to web pages alone.

Using RPI Realtime in Landing Pages

The simplest path to using RPI Realtime functionality is through the use of RPI landing pages.  These are web pages that are created in RPI, then published to a specified website.  Full details of landing pages can be found in the Landing Page Designer documentation.

When you publish a landing page, the page will automatically contain all of the JavaScript necessary to invoke RPI realtime functionality.

Landing pages controlled by RPI Realtime are published to the address defined at system configuration setting RealtimeAPIAddress.

Using RPI Realtime in External Web Pages

When using RPI Realtime in a non-RPI landing page, it is necessary to add JavaScript manually to web pages to invoke its functionality.

The scripts required for utilizing dynamic content can be generated at an RPI smart asset.  For full details of smart assets, please see the Smart Asset Designer documentation.

RPI Realtime in External Applications

An external application can make calls to the methods exposed by the RPI Realtime API.  This opens a host of possibilities – for example, a call center application could invoke RPI Realtime to present the most appropriate offer to an inbound caller.

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