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Transaction feed layout overview


This topic provides additional details about the Transaction feed layout, including the use of the feed layout, how the data is reflected in the database, and how to use the data from RPI.

Feed layout intent

This feed allows business unit level Transaction information to be available on the Redpoint CDP platform. The Transaction feed is used to ingest transactional information from client source systems (i.e., Point of Sale, Call Center, Order Management Systems, CRM, Web Platform, Data Warehouse, etc.). The Transaction feed supports various event states for transactions (order placed, canceled, shipped, returned) and loads header and line-item detail into Redpoint CDP.

The Transaction feed also has an “Extension” feed, similar to many other feeds in the Redpoint CDP platform.

Extension table

This feed does NOT currently have an associated extension table.

Feed layout areas of consideration

Anonymous transactions will be ingested into the database (when not enough PII data is provided to identify the customer or no valid Customer/ Account/ Loyalty Account ID is provided).

In order to correctly attribute transactions for analytics or marketing purposes, either valid PII or Customer/ Account/ Loyalty ID must be included with each Transaction record.

In order to correctly market to customers based on purchase history, correct product and location identifiers must be included in the Transaction record.

  • This feed captures Key fields from Party Profile, Customer Account, and Loyalty Account as well, which can be used for assignment of transactions to respective individuals.

  • It allows capture of PII information in the form of Bill to, so that PII details can go through matching to assign Transactions to individuals.

  • This feed captures amount fields in local currency as well as foreign currency to support multi-region use cases.

Identity Matching

Transaction feed goes through matching, and PII data must be included.

PII for Transactions can consist of:

  • email address


  • (full name or (first and last name)) + address 1 + state province + postal code1 fields

in order for the record to be valid.

Joins from summary tables


Use in RPI

Transaction and related summary data can be used in RPI to either select based on amount fields, product level, transaction type, or other details of the transaction.

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