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Refresh connections

The Refresh command updates database and file input/output specifications. This may be necessary under certain circumstances:

  • If a project's input or output tools specify relative file paths interpreted with respect to the current working directory, those files may be inaccessible if you open the Data Management project from the wrong working directory.

  • If a data connection fails, Data Management does not retry it automatically. This lets you configure projects even when a desired database resource is inaccessible. Once the resource is available, use the Refresh command to retry the database connection.

To refresh file and database connections

  • On the Edit menu, select Refresh.

  • Press F5.

The Refresh command does not work for tools that use shared settings. These include:

To refresh shared settings in a single tool

  1. Select the tool and select Commit on the Properties pane.

  2. Select away from the tool, and then select it again. 

To refresh all shared settings in a project that uses these tools

  • Close and reopen the project.

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