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Sample projects and automations: Complex Schema

The projects in the repository folder Samples\Complex schemas demonstrate how to read a variety of nested or hierarchical data processing file formats.

  • In the projects delimited_formatting_1 and delimited_formatting_2, complex schema definition files control how dates are scanned and formatted, define separators and special characters, and specify the location of the record type code.

  • The project EmbeddedRecords has a complex text input with a delimited format, and a schema definition that identifies embedded child records set off with special characters.

  • The project FlatEmbeddedRecords has two fixed-length complex text inputs: one without an end-of-record character, and one with newline as the end-of-record character. Some records contain variant fields, which are identified using the specification in the schema definitions.

  • The folder \Multi_X12_820 contains two projects that demonstrate how to read X12 EDI 820 files, and then write the data with a Complex Text Output tool using either the FILE name data contained in the file records (Change_FILE_records), or a user-specified file name (Specify_output_file).

  • The project Read_X12_820 is similar to Change_FILE_records, except that it writes the data to both a Complex Text Output tool and a DLD Output tool.

  • The project X12_510-sample demonstrates reading and writing a typical  X12 EDI medical record.

  • The project PrintedReportToXml uses two complex schema definition files to extract data from a text file formatted for print, change the schema definition, and write the data to a Complex XML Output.

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