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Admin: Geolocation setup

The following Geolocation providers are supported by RPI: 

  • Bing 

  • Azure

To use Geolocation functionality in RPI realtime decisions with Bing or Azure, you will need a Map API key.  This will need to be obtained from the respective provider, and will need to be referenced at the RPI Realtime appsettings file’s MapAPIKey setting. 

In addition, the Geolocation plugins section in the AppSettings file will need to reference the provider of choice, as per this example:

"GeolocationSettings": {
            "Provider": "Azure",
            "APIKey": "xxx",
            "WeatherUnits": "Metric",
            "CoordsCacheTimespanMinutes": 0,
            "PluginAssembly": "",
            "PluginType": "",
            "PluginSettings": []}
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