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Attribute Smart Asset

An attribute smart asset’s content panel contains the following:

  • Selected Attribute section: exposing a single property:

    • Attribute: you must choose an attribute, values from which will be used to determine content applicability in the attribute smart asset. You can choose an attribute using browse or drag and drop. You cannot select an exists in table attribute or a function attribute that provides a constant value. If you change or clear the Attribute, any attribute values specified at content are removed.

  • Configure Content and Applicability Section: the following specific property is displayed when configuring an attribute smart asset's content and applicability:

    • Attribute values: you can configure a content element with one or more attribute values that are used to determine the audience to which the content will apply.

When attribute values have not been selected, the following text is displayed at the property:

Having selected an Attribute other than a parameter attribute, when you click the button the Choose Database Values dialog is displayed. You can use the dialog to choose from the list of attribute values presented, or you can specify custom attribute values. More information on the Choose Database Values dialog is provided in the Framework documentation.

If you selected a parameter Attribute, values are provided using the Specify Values dialog, which is also covered in the Framework documentation.

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