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Configuring Users


Configuration of RPI users is carried out in the User Management interface, which is accessible from the Configuration Workbench.

Note that a user may also configure certain elements of his or her own user account via RPI's Manage Profile feature.

If you logged into a tenant when connecting to the RPI server, only those users associated with the tenant are listed.

Note also that, to manage a user’s group assignment, a user must be granted the master Configuration permission, or Configuration – Users as well as Configuration – User Groups permissions.

Existing Users List

The User Management interface displays a list of existing RPI users, ordered alphabetically by username.  For each user, the following read-only properties are displayed:

  • Username: the user's unique ID, used when signing into RPI.

  • Full Name: the user's full name.

  • Email: the user's email address.

  • Approved: a true/false flag that indicates whether the user is approved, displayed as a tick or cross.  Unapproved users may not sign into RPI.

  • Locked: a true/false flag that indicates whether a user account has been locked, displayed as a tick or cross.  A user’s account is locked following a series of failed login attempts.

  • Groups: a comma separated, concatenated list of user groups of which the user is a member.

  • Permissions: a comma separated; concatenated list of functional permissions inherited via the user's group membership.

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