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Content Panel – HTML Asset


When an HTML asset is shown in the Asset Designer, the following are displayed:

Content Editor

The HTML asset content editor allows you to edit an HTML asset’s contents. It is described in its own section within the RPI documentation.

Note that you can customize the content displayed within an HTML asset through the inclusion of attributes (including web form parameter attributes, if the asset is to be used e.g. in an email offer) and smart assets.

You can provide localized versions of HTML content using the Localization section in the content editor toolbar. For more information, please see the Content Editor documentation.

Placeholder attributes can be used in HTML asset content only if exposing system variable values. For information on system variables, please see the Framework documentation.

Preview Section

The preview section is displayed to the right of the content panel and provides a visual indication of the HTML asset’s final appearance.

If localized variants of the asset have been created, the variant selected in the content editor toolbar’s Localization section is shown at the Preview.

The following buttons are displayed at a toolbar:

Show the Preview Window as a Popout: clicking this button removes the inline Preview from display, and displays it instead in a non-modal, floating Preview Window.

The floating Preview Window is displayed with a minimum width of 800px, and contains the following:

Preview size: the current size of the Preview Window is displayed. You can click it to change the size of the Preview Window. Doing so displays the Change Preview Size dialog.

You can click a size to select it, whereupon it is applied at the Preview Window.

By default, the Preview Window is displayed with a width of 800px. On re-invocation of Change Size, if the size was selected manually, the Preview Window is sized in accordance with your most recently-used selection.

  • Dock the Preview Window: clicking this button removes the floating Preview Window from display and redisplays the inline HTML Email Preview. Clicking the Window’s Close button has the same effect.

  • Show Preview Parameters: documented separately.

  • Refresh

Content within the floating Preview Window is updated dynamically as it is changed within the Asset Designer. The Window is closed when the current RPI tab focus is changed.

View Preview Parameters: invocation of this option displays the HTML Preview Parameters dialog:

You can specify parameter values for the attributes you have included in order to give an illustration of the asset’s final appearance. Provision of preview values is constrained by data type (string, integer, decimal or date/time).

By default, an attribute’s value is shown as [attribute name]. The preview is updated with a new parameter value immediately as you type.

By default, parameter values are specified using raw database values, rather than translated values (where they exist). You can toggle between ‘Value’ and ‘Trans’ (translation) using the button shown to the right of the parameter. If you elect to specify the parameter’s value using a translation, a dropdown, listing translated and raw values, is shown. Note, however, that when you choose a translated value, the raw value is shown in the preview; RPI only supports the output of raw database values, and not translated values.

If the asset contains one or more regionalized text or HTML assets, a Region parameter is shown at the Preview Parameters dialog. By default, the Default asset content is displayed; entering a region code at this parameter displays that region's localized asset content.

  • Refresh Preview

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