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File versions

RPI file versions take the format [Major version].[Minor version].

If approval is enabled for a given file type (currently interactions and offers support approval), a minor version ‘0’ indicates an approved file version; a minor version greater than 0 indicates that the file has been saved since its latest approval. For example:

  • At initial save of a file, its version is 0.1

  • The file is amended and saved. A new version (0.2) is created alongside version 0.1.

  • After the file is approved, the existing version is upped to 1.0 (a new version is not created).

  • The file is amended; when saved, a new version 1.1 is created.

  • This leaves the following existing versions:

    • 1.1

    • 1.0

    • 0.1

If a file type does not support approval, or approval is not enabled for a type that does, a file’s version will always be 0.[n].

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