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Geolocation Decision Criteria – Drivetime

The Drivetime Geolocation allows you to make realtime decisions on the basis of a visitor's proximity (in distance or time) from a given geographical location. The criterion editor uses a map. The default location displayed in the criterion editor’s map is controlled by user preference Realtime Decision Default Map Location.

When in edit mode, the following is presented at a Drivetime criterion:

  • Distance: this mandatory integer property accepts a value between 0 and 999,999

  • [Dropdown]: the accompanying dropdown allows you to specify the type of proximity to be used, by selecting one of the following values:

    • Miles from the location

    • Kilometers from the location

    • Minutes from the location (the default)

  • Search: you can search the map for a location. Having entered a search string and clicked the button, search results are shown when multiple exist:

You can select a location to proceed, or click Close or Cancel to remove the search results from display.

  • Clear Location: this button is enabled when a location has been added to the map. Clicking it removes the specified location.

  • Map: a world map allows you to choose the location upon which the criterion is to be based. The following are shown at the bottom of the map:

    • View: allows you to display the map in Road (the default) or Aerial View.

    • Show Labels: this toggle button is enabled when Aerial View is selected. It is selected by default when enabled.

    • Map Navigator: facilitates scrolling around the map.

    • Zoom: you can zoom the map using a slider control, or by selecting one of the options to the right (Neighborhood, City, Region, State or World).

    • Scale: read-only.

You can click the map to add a location. Having done so, you can click the Clear Location button to remove your selection, or drag the location to move it. Note that it is mandatory to specify a location.

When in read-only mode, a drivetime location is shown as e.g.:

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