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Interaction Designer - Interaction Templates

An interaction template is a special type of interaction file that cannot be executed in production mode. Interaction templates allow you to create a base interaction, save it as a template file, and then create interactions based on the template.

When an interaction template file is shown in the Interaction Designer, the icon shown at the tab identifies it as a template.

The following differences are manifest at an interaction template when it is displayed in the Interaction Designer:

  • The Save Interaction button is replaced by a Save Interaction Template button, allowing you to save any changes you make to the current interaction template file.

  • The Save Interaction As button is replaced by a Save Interaction Template As button, allowing you to save the interaction template to a different filename.

  • The Save Interaction as Template button is not shown.

  • A 'Template' indicator is shown to the right of the interaction’s name:

The following considerations apply in respect of interaction templates:

  • Interaction template files are not shown at designer toolboxes.

  • Execution in Production mode is not supported; the Activate in Production option at the Activate in dropdown is not shown. However, Test execution is supported.

  • You cannot use an interaction template at a web form's Queue listener interaction property.

  • You cannot use an interaction template at a Channel Overview widget's Filter on interaction property.

Approval of interaction templates is supported.

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