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Interaction Designer - Subscription Group Activity


A subscription group activity allows you to create a subscription group (supporting only the Alchemer survey provider at present). 

For more information, please see the Subscription Group Designer documentation.

Mini Toolbar

The following options are available in the mini toolbar when you select a subscription group activity:

  • View results

  • Show configuration panel

Configuration Panel

A subscription group’s configuration panel contains a single General tab.

The General tab contains the following properties:

  • Subscription Group: if the subscription group activity was created by dragging and dropping an existing subscription group template, this property is populated by default.  You can invoke Browse... to choose a subscription group template with which to configure the activity, or you can drag an existing subscription group from the toolbox and drop it onto the property.  Once populated, you can invoke Open latest version to view the subscription group template in the Subscription Group Designer.  You can also Clear the subscription group.

  • Channel: this mandatory property is populated with the first default channel, accordant with the subscription group type, as defined within the Channels configuration interface.  If you wish, you can click the currently-selected channel to change it.

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