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Model project attribute properties

The following interface is displayed when configuring a Model Project attribute:

A model project attribute has the following specific properties:

  • Model Project: you can browse for a model project file from which the attribute will source its data. You can also initiate the creation of a new model project. Provision of a model project is mandatory, and the selected model project must be valid.

  • Output Field: this dropdown property exposes the values 'Band' (the default), 'Score' and 'Recommendation field' (only shown when the model project is configured with an AML Recommender model). If 'Recommendation field' is selected, the Recommendation Field and Rank fields are displayed.

  • Recommendation Field: this field allows you to choose a field sourced from the recommendation record returned by the model project, which will be output by the attribute. It is shown when Output Field is set to 'Recommendation Field'. When the model project's Recommendation Lookup Type is set to 'Database Table', a list of fields from the selected Recommender model project's Database Lookup table is shown. When the Lookup Type is set to 'Value List' or 'No lookup required', this property is not displayed.

  • Recommendation Rank: when a Recommender model returns a series of recommendation results, this property allows you to specify which of these, by default, should be output by the attribute.

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