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Model Project Designer

The Model Project Designer is used to create and modify model projects.

A model project allows you to create a representation of a RedPoint Automated Machine Learning (AML) model in RPI, which can then be used at audience execution or smart asset evaluation to make a call to AML to determine target or visitor model scores.

Model projects are saved as ‘Model Project’ files in the RPI file system. All model project files currently have a sub-type of ‘Automated Machine Learning’.

In order to use model projects in RPI, values must be provided for the following system configuration settings:

  • AutomatedMLAPIAddress

  • AutomatedMLCredentials

The Model Project Designer is displayed in its own tab in the RPI framework.

The Model Project Designer contains the following elements:

  • Toolbar

  • Toolbox

  • Properties

  • Tabset, consisting of the following tabs:

    • Model Details

    • Attributes

    • Model Score Bands

Note that model projects are supported in both SQL and NoSQL environments.

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