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News Reader Widget



The Configure News Reader Widget configuration overlay contains the following:

Properties Toolbox

  • News Feed: a dropdown field, which lists a set of marketing news RSS feeds. It defaults to the Redpoint Global Blog.

  • Use custom news feed URL: this checkbox, displayed within the Advanced section, is unchecked by default. When checked, the Custom Feed URL property is shown, and the following read-only text is displayed at News Feed:

Custom Feed URL: displayed when Use custom news feed URL is checked, this property initially displays the URL of the selected news feed. You can use the property to specify a URL that returns a valid RSS feed.


A preview of the specified new feed is shown to the right. Having changed the widgets settings, click Refresh to update the preview.

Display Mode

When a news reader widget is shown in a dashboard, the RSS feed with which it is configured is rendered in accordance with its settings.

An Open post in browser button is displayed to the bottom right when hovering over a news feed post:

Clicking it displays the full post contents in your default browser. Double-clicking the post has the same effect.

If a News feed URL has not been specified, a message is displayed. If an invalid News feed URL has been specified, a ‘Failed to load the news feed’ message is shown.

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