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RPI v7.1 release notes


Available April 2023

Redpoint Interaction (RPI) v7.1 increases the containerized product’s operational readiness through the addition of a number of enhancements, and the reintroduction of a number of plugins supported in v6.6.

  • Major enhancements: this section describes the significant changes that have taken place in RPI v7.1.

  • Supported plugins: this section details the initial set of external provider integration plugins supported in RPI v7.1.

  • Other enhancements: this section documents other features added in RPI 7.1.

Prior to running the RPI v7.1 client, please download and install the following:

  • ASP.Net Core runtime for .NET 7.0

  • .NET Desktop runtime for .NET 7.0

These can be found at:

Major enhancements

This section describes major changes to RPI in version 7.1.

Upgrading RPI from v6.x to v7.1

Three new Deployment API endpoints have been made available to assist in the upgrade of an existing customer’s RPI v6.x cluster to v7.1:

  • /api/v6upgrade/environment-variables: gets the environment variables required for the upgrade.

  • api/v6upgrade/appsettings/{appSettingsType}: gets the service appsettings required for the upgrade.

  • /api/v6upgrade/plugin-check: checks compatibility of plugins used in v6.x with v7.1.

Please note that upgrading from RPI6.x to v7.1 will require liaison with Redpoint SupportPlease contact for guidance.

User story reference: 16501

Workflow Prioritization

A new Prioritization tab has been made available at all interaction workflow trigger types. Please see the Reference Guide for full details.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 140133.png

It allows you to:

  • Set the priority of workflow activities.

  • Override the maximum time that an activity can be queued prior to execution.

  • Specify the date and time at which an activity becomes Urgent priority.

  • Override the time prior to scheduled maintenance during which activities will be queued.

User story reference: 16524


A new Telemetry tab has been added at the Operations interface.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 140253.png

The tab allows for the generation of an Excel Telemetry Report, which includes Audit Metrics, Active Triggers, Database Queries, Administration Collections, Designers – In Use and Designers - Not In Use tabs.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 140333.png

User story reference: 16700

Supported plugins

The following additional external provider connector plugins are supported in RPI v7.1.


  • Azure Redis Cache

    • User story reference: 15500

  • CosmosDB

    • User story reference: 15489

CRM Channel


    • User story reference: 15496

Data Onboarding Channels

  • Facebook

    • User story reference: 15493

Email Channels

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • User story reference: 15490

  • SendGrid

    • User story reference: 15459

  • LuxSci

    • User story reference: 15525

External Content Providers

  • Amazon AWS S3

    • User story reference: 15497

  • Azure Storage

    • User story reference: 15499


    • User story reference: 15498

General Channel

  • Outbound Delivery

    • User story reference: 15542

Page Element

  • Alchemer Page

    • User story reference: 15623

Push Notification Channel

  • Azure Notification & Direct

    • User story reference: 15492


  • Azure Event Hubs

    • User story reference: 15502

  • Azure Storage Queues

    • User story reference: 15503

  • Azure Service Bus

    • Concurrent queues/async calls

      • User story reference: 15501, 15460

SMS Channel

  • Twilio

    • MMS support

      • User story reference: 15491, 16621

      • ZenDesk reference: 87958, 90325

Web Adapter

  • Google Analytics v4 support

    • User story reference: 16555

    • ZenDesk reference: 89887

Web Channel

  • Alchemer

    • User story reference: 15505

  • Alchemer page element

    • User story reference: 15623

Other enhancements

This section describes additional changes to RPI in version 7.1.

Training Aids

RPI's Build an Email and Send Emails training aids have been deprecated, and are no longer available in the product.

User story reference: 17185

Interaction Designer

When writing data to temporary tables at data extract offers and export activities, space characters are now retained in column headers, and sort columns are not appended to the tables in question.

User story reference: 16498

ZenDesk reference: 89055

Web Form

The web form Redirect URL property, which was mandatory, is now optional.

User story reference: 17130

Zendesk reference: 95039

Smart Asset

A new [OfferHistory]_Content_Meta table allows for the persistence of file metadata, configured at a Batch Outbound-enabled smart asset or content element therein, at offer execution. Metadata is stored in JSON format, e.g.:

{"StringMeta":"Asset Meta","IntMeta":1.0,"DateMeta":null,"DecimalMeta":null}

User story reference: 14473

Zendesk reference: 79905

Realtime Decision

Two new system configuration settings have been added, which allow for the selection of value lists from which values may be selected when configuring Link Click and Page Visit criteria in the web realtime decision.

User story reference: 17332

Zendesk reference: 99317

Data Connectors

The ability to export, import and copy to other client(s) has been introduced at the Data Connectors interface.

User story reference: 17439

Zendesk reference: 101363


The following enhancements have been made at the Channel Overview widget:

  • The ability to specify a date range for the data to be displayed in the chart.

    • User story reference: 17369

    • Zendesk reference: 99958

  • The ability to display the cumulative sum of values displayed for each series shown in the chart.

    • User story reference: 17370

    • Zendesk reference: 99958

Interaction Triggers Report

A new Scheduled Trigger Execution Excel report has been made available, and can be initialized at the Interaction Triggers Report interface. The report lists trigger instances (recurring, scheduled, manual with constraints, data connectors and audience snapshots) that are yet to fire.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 142913.png

User story reference: 16831

Zendesk reference: 92982

Deployment API

  • A new Deployment API endpoint facilitates the scheduling of maintenance mode at an RPI cluster.

    • User story reference: 17187

  • The plugin compatibility endpoint has been exposed as a standalone executable.

    • User story reference: 17757

  • The RPI Configuration Home Page has been enhanced to allow for the downloading of specific deployment files folders.

    • User story reference: 17841

Screenshot 2024-04-02 143108.png

Service Control Endpoints

New GET service control endpoint methods have been made available to facilitate management of the Node Manager and Execution Services:

  • /api/operations/status

  • /api/operations/start

  • /api/operations/stop?waitTimeout=500

User story reference: 17336


Support for the writing of RPI log messages to Loggly and NewRelic has been added.

User story references: 15013, 15014


RPI Azure plugins now support the use of Azure Identity for authentication with Azure services.

User reference: 15109


RPI now supports v7.0 of Microsoft .NET.

User story reference: 17445

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