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RPI v7.2 release notes


Available September 2023

Redpoint Interaction (RPI) v7.2 introduces a minimal number of major enhancements, and a larger number of other changes to the core and connector software.

Major enhancements

This section describes major changes to RPI in version 7.2.

Localized Content

Text and HTML assets now support the provision of multiple, localized versions of their content. 

A new system configuration setting optionally allows for the selection of a value list defining the set of region/language codes to be used to define the supported variants. When creating or editing asset content, separate content can be created for each supported variant.


The region/language code can be selected when previewing localized asset content in the Asset or Offer Designers.

Upon execution of an offer containing localized asset content, RPI determines the recipient's region and ensures they receive correctly-localized content. The same applies when viewing localized content in a realtime context.

User story reference: 351, 18650, 18953

Snowflake Data Warehouse

RPI v7.2 introduces support in v7 for Snowflake as a data warehouse or auxiliary database.

User story reference: 15593


A new Auto Replay tab has been made at all interaction triggers' configuration panels.


It allows for specification of how RPI will behave in the event of the occurrence of certain types of error. 

User story reference: 18413

Zendesk reference: 72583, 74354, 100159, 104817

Connector enhancements

The following changes have been made in the context of RPI v7.2 connectors.


Azure Redis Cache
  • RPI now supports v6 of the Azure Redis Cache provider.

    • User story reference: 17866

    • Zendesk reference: 104488

CRM Channel
  • It is now possible to specify the web service address to be used to connect to in the RPI Salesforce channel configuration interface.

    • User story reference: 16494

    • Zendesk reference: 89213, 102618

Data Onboarding Channel

Facebook Audience
  • RPI now supports v17 of the Facebook API.

    • User story reference: 18945

X (Twitter) Tailored Audiences
  • RPI now supports v11 of the X (Twitter) Tailored Audiences Ads API.

    • User story reference: 16548


Azure SQL
  • The RPI Azure SQL database connector now applies the batch value set at system configuration setting DatabaseInsertBatchLimit when executing INSERT SELECT queries.

    • User story reference: 16648

    • Zendesk reference: 90511

  • A new system configuration setting has been supplied to control whether queries will use COUNT(*) or COUNT ([primary key]).

    • User story reference: 16699

    • Zendesk reference: 91268

Email Channel

  • A LuxSci Functional Guide has now been made available.

    • User story reference: 18318

  • A new system configuration setting has been provided to control, when inserting events into the Offer History States table, whether to use the server date/time or the timestamp provided by LuxSci as records' timestamp values.

    • User story reference: 18527

    • Zendesk reference: 107076

  • Support has been added for the import of LuxSci event data using RPDM.

    • User story reference: 16734

    • Zendesk reference: 90021 

  • A new LuxSci channel configuration property has been added, and allows for specification of the name of the import table to handle multiple channels sharing the same import job.

    • User story reference: 18590

    • Zendesk reference: 109866

  • RPI now uses RPContactID as the LuxSci join key when populating Offer History States.

    • User story reference: 18589

    • Zendesk reference: 109866

SMS Channels

Amazon Pinpoint
  • Additional state data is now captured at Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel execution.

    • User story reference: 17467

    • Zendesk reference: 100084

  • The mPulse SMS provider is now available for the first time in RPI 7.

    • User story reference: 18688, 16565, 18317

    • Zendesk reference: 83809

  • Support has been added at Twilio SMS offer execution for the shortening of URLs when URLs are sourced from attribute values.

    • User story reference: 19015

    • Zendesk reference: 119163

Other enhancements

This section describes additional changes to RPI in version 7.2.

Interaction Designer

  • It is now possible to override the RPI-generated listener key supplied at a queue listener.

    • User story reference: 18831

    • Zendesk reference: 115413

  • Any messages received for inactive triggers, and any messages received that result in errors (e.g. missing trigger key/malformed json) can be pushed to new, separate queues.

    • User story reference: 8530

  • JSONPath is now supported at queue listener parameter attributes.

    • User story reference: 18068

    • Zendesk reference: 105419, 106505

  • Timestamps are now written to the queue listener resolution table. Note: if you wish to take advantage of this new feature at existing, active queue listeners, please run an audience definition validation job and restart the Execution Service container(s).

    • User story reference: 18832

    • Zendesk reference: 115019

  • A new Queued status has been made available at the Interaction Designer.

    • User story reference: 17886, 17887, 18735

  • RPI now automatically performs retries in the event of the occurrence of 'ExecuteReader' errors at export file generation.

    • User story reference: 18412

    • Zendesk reference: 118462

File System

  • The file system dialog now features a Favorites folder.

    • User story reference: 17186


  • A new argument is available at the RPI Realtime Utility, which, when utilized, facilitates the generation of a hashed client secret (user story reference 18347).

    • User story reference: 18347

  • The option to output RPI web form data to a file has now been made available.

    • User story reference: 16816

  • The ability to persist multiple device IDs in a visitor profile has been added (user story reference 16480). 

  • Sessions are now supported in RPI Realtime.

    • User story reference: 16481

  • A 'Latest' operator has been made available at events criteria added to Web realtime Decisions.

    • User story reference: 18764

    • Zendesk reference: 113552

Data Connectors

  • The ability to write offer history has been made available at data connectors.

    • User story reference: 17154


  • The ability to define SQL expression reserved words on a tenant-by-tenant basis has been added.

    • User story reference: 18348

    • Zendesk reference: 107097, 107681

  • A warning is now displayed when creating a database column attribute that references a column already referenced by an existing attribute.

    • User story reference: 16593

    • Zendesk reference: 104816, 105080


  • New Interaction Audience and Fulfillment Complete alert types have been added. On receipt of the same, an Excel spreadsheet is attached to the emails, providing details of the interaction's or activity's execution. In addition, a new Alert tab has been made available when configuring triggers, which allows for the specification of custom email subject text and content headings in the context of the same.

    • User story reference: 4485

    • Zendesk reference: 43805

  • Upon receipt of an 'interaction workflow paused' alert email, if the pause was initiated (automatically or manually) at an activity, the activity's logs are now included in the email content.

    • User story reference: 18343

    • Zendesk reference: 105907


  • When creating a new audience definition, joins to Offer History Details and Offer History States are now created automatically.

    • User story reference: 17438

    • Zendesk reference: 101304

  • A new Attribute Validation Report is now available at the Catalog configuration interface.

    • User story reference: 18189

  • It is now possible to add an existing RPI user to the current tenant.

    • User story reference: 17257

  • When deleting a user, a cluster administrator is now provided with the option to delete them from the current tenant or the cluster as a whole.

    • User story reference: 18030


  • New stateRetention settings in Pulse.op_Housekeepers.Configurationcontrol how long state information to be persisted in Interaction_xxx.op_InteractionWorkflows and op_DataWorkflows..

    • User story reference: 17767

    • Zendesk reference: 102018, 103354

  • Two new tabs - Files and Interactions - have been made available at the Telemetry Excel report.

    • User story reference: 18170

    • Zendesk reference: 106057


  • Licensing has now been applied to RPI v7.

    • User story reference: 3535, 18364

    • Zendesk reference: 38318

  • Queues used for single offer fulfillment are now deleted automatically.

    • User story reference: 18824

  • A new endpoint to facilitate deletion of an RPI tenant has been made available at the RPI Configuration Service.

    • User story reference: 18167

  • Smart assets now support the inclusion of web forms as content.

    • User story reference: 17337

  • Performance improvements have been made in the context of paging in the Single Customer View interface.

    • User story reference: 17909

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