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System Configuration actions

Tokenized Values

You can use tokenized values when specifying configuration settings’ values.  RPI resolves tokenized values, expanding them after saving to show the full literal system configuration value.  There are two types of tokenized value that you can use:

  • You can nest a system configuration setting within another.  This is done by placing the nested setting in parentheses as follows: ({ConfigSetting }).

  • You can embed a server host name in the same parentheses: ({ServerHostName}).

Note that it is not possible to nest tokenized configuration settings.

Save Changes to System Configuration

Save is carried out using the Save changes to System Configuration toolbar button.  Any changes you have made are validated, and any validation errors are advised in a dialog.  You may not proceed with the Save until you have resolved them.  Following a successful save, system configuration settings’ states are updated to Unchanged.


This option reloads the contents of the interface from the operational database.  If changes have been made, a ‘Save Changes?’ dialog is shown.

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