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The Configuration Workbench and NoSQL Databases


The following sections document ramifications for the Configuration Workbench when working in a NoSQL environment.

NoSQL Databases Only Mode

When running in a NoSQL-only environment, the following apply at the Configuration Workbench:

  • Audience Definitions: not available.

  • Audience Snapshots: not available.

  • Cached Attribute Lists:

    • The Create Parameter Attributes button is not shown.

    • Decision Attributes are set using parameter attributes.

  • Catalog: not available.

  • Channels: only the following channel types are supported:

    • Data Onboarding:

      • Facebook Audience

      • Realtime Cache

    • Email:

      • Eloqua

      • LuxSci

      • SendGrid

      • SFMC

      • SFMC Data Transfer

    • General:

      • Data Extract

        • Allow duplicates on resolution is not shown.

      • Outbound Delivery

        • State import table represents a collection into which state results will be imported.

    • Mobile:

      • Twilio SMS

    • Web:

      • Alchemer

Note that a channel’s Filter property is provided using a NoSQL selection rule when in NoSQL mode.

  • Data Process Projects:

    • The Use results in audience property is hidden.

    • Ditto the Bands tab.

  • Database Keys: not available.

  • Joins: not available.

  • Value Lists:

    • You cannot create database value lists.

  • Resolution Levels: not available.

  • State flows: NoSQL selection rules are used to define states.

  • User Groups: certain functional permissions are not supported. Please see the RPI Framework documentation for more details.

NoSQL Data Warehouse with SQL Auxiliary Databases Mode

When running against a NoSQL data warehouse with one or more SQL auxiliary databases, only the following configuration interfaces are available:

  • Catalog: note that you cannot select the Data Warehouse at the Database dropdown, as only SQL databases are supported in this context.

  • Channels: restrictions as NoSQL databases only, above.

  • Joins

  • Database Keys

  • Resolution Levels

SQL Data Warehouse with NoSQL Auxiliary Databases

When running against a SQL data warehouse with one or more NoSQL auxiliary databases, the following considerations apply:

  • Catalog: you cannot select a NoSQL database at the Database dropdown.

  • Cached Attribute Lists: you can configure a cached attribute list at both the data warehouse and NoSQL auxiliary databases. All Decision Attributes must be from same the same database as the selected Lookup key. If all Decision Attributes are parameter attributes, the Create Parameter Attributes button is disabled.

  • Joins: you cannot select a NoSQL database auxiliary database at the Choose Database Item dialog when configuring a simple join.

  • NoSQL DB Collection Definitions: interface available.

  • NoSQL DB Offer History Definitions: interface not available.

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