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The Interaction Designer and NoSQL Databases

The following sections document ramifications for the Interaction Designer when working in a NoSQL database environment:

  • The following file types are available in the Folder search control:

    • Audience

    • Selection rule

    • Export template

    • Offer

  • All trigger types are supported.

When configuring a database count trigger constraint, a NoSQL selection rule is used as the basis for determining whether the constraint has been satisfied.

  • Queue listeners and activities are supported.

  • Batch audiences and interactive activities are supported.

  • Alchemer subscription groups only are supported.

  • The Data Process activity is supported.

  • The following offer types are supported at the Data Transfer activity:

    • Data extract

    • Realtime cache

  • The Control activity is supported.

  • The Export activity is supported.

  • Offer activities are supported.

    • The following delivery methods are supported:

      • Data Extract

      • Email

      • Outbound Delivery

      • SMS

      • SFMC Data Transfer

    • When setting the filter property in the Offer Activity Channel Configuration dialog, a NoSQL selection rule is used.

  • Decision Offers are supported.

  • At workflow execution:

    • Offer history results are written to the offer history collection, as defined by the audience's NoSQL database offer history definition. Test execution results are written to a '_test' equivalence.

    • Metadata is written to a nested AudienceSelection.meta collection.

    • Audiences in the same workflow must share the same offer history definition.NoSQL database collection definition.Collection name.

    • The Fulfillment state flow count updates task must be executed before state flow counts are available. Note that this might impact workflows relying on the presence of such counts to make decisions re. inputs.

    • A runtime validation error is raised if email offer is being executed, and an email address is not present in the collection from which data is being sourced.

  • Any unsubscribed customers are persisted in a ChannelSuppression array in the offer history definition’s NoSQL collection definition. Each record therein contains the following:

    • Name (equivalent to Table name when running in a SQL context)

    • Reason

    • Date

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