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Welcome to RPI!

About RPI

Redpoint Interaction (RPI) is the key component of Redpoint’s Intelligent Orchestration pillar. With RPI, you can execute both complex multitouch, multichannel journeys and simple one-off campaigns that are designed to engage with customers and prospects on the channels that they choose to interact with a business. Dynamic rules and content enable you to keep up with each customer’s cadence as preferences, interests, and needs evolve.

Intelligent Orchestration and RPI are part of Redpoint Global’s fully integrated solution, which gives you a single point of control to connect customer data and execute marketing campaigns, so you can achieve the real-time, hyper-personalized experiences you expect.

For more information about RPI and other Redpoint offerings, please visit Redpoint’s website.

About RPI documentation

RPI documentation includes the following content:

  • Release notes: Details the specifics of each RPI release.

  • Reference guide: Provides detailed information about the RPI interface.

  • Admin guide: Provides installation, configuration, and maintenance instructions for RPI system administrators.

  • Supported connectors: Delineates the platforms and service providers that RPI connects to.

  • External configuration: Details how to configure external providers to work with RPI.

Documentation feedback

We’re continuously improving our documentation, and your feedback will help us to prioritize what’s important to you. Click the Feedback button at the bottom-right of the page or email us at

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