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Campaign information and templates


This document provides links to campaign templates that have been created in the Redpoint CDP RPI environment as well as underlying RPI building blocks (Audience Definitions, Suppressions, Custom Attributes).

Audience definitions

Audience definitions are used by audiences to define a series of defaults for the audience, including the structure of the tables to which records are to be written when an audience instance based upon the template is run, and the metadata attributes available to the audience.


Placeholder attributes can be used for two purposes in selection rules:

  • A placeholder attribute is primarily used as the comparison attribute when creating a compare to attribute criterion. You can then specify a value for the placeholder attribute using the Attribute Placeholders Dialog.

  • The secondary use case is to create a criterion within a selection rule based on a placeholder attribute, and then use the value provided for the placeholder attribute to activate or deactivate an “OR” statement within the rule.

In both cases, if a selection rule contains placeholder attributes, the Attribute Placeholders Dialog can be used at the Audience, Cell List, or Interaction Designers to provide placeholder values for use during audience or interaction workflow execution.

Placeholder attribute information


Suppressions are sets of selection rules within RPI that can be used to select records that you want to remove from a given campaign audience. While these selection rules can also be used within filter blocks, it is recommended that they are used within suppression blocks as designed.

RPI configured suppressions

Campaign templates

Campaign templates help to speed up the campaign creation process. There are multiple campaign templates pre-defined in Redpoint CDP that will allow you to open them and execute a successful campaign, provided that the underlying data is configured correctly. Below is a list of the templates as well as the pages that describe how each of those templates works.

Campaign template locations

RPI campaign templates

Examples show control channel as output option. Users will be able to use any of the other output options that are needed within these templates.

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